Overflow ~ Brynne Asher

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Overflow ~ Brynne AsherTitle: Overflow
Author: Brynne Asher
Series: Carpino #1
Release date: August 28th 2014
Pages: 310
Buy: Amazon US
Rating: five-stars

Gabrielle Carpino has forced herself to move through the motions of life over the past few years since tragedy touched her family. Closing herself off from living her life and refusing to look in the future has become her norm...that is until one day at a clients home where she's thrown into a tailspin of craziness!

Gabby's awakening begins as she is cuffed and patted down by Special Agent Jude Ortiz, with his dark chocolate eyes and a commanding bossy way that Gabby just can't resist. When Jude's protective instincts kick in, he finds himself wrestling feelings he hasn't allowed in years and he moves in to watch over Gabrielle. Between battling criminals, flooded basements, fantasy football drafts and Gabby's crazy family, Jude finds himself unable to resist her beauty and quirkiness.

What begins to look like a chance at happiness for Gabby and sexy Jude Ortiz, it could all be ripped away when past demons are forced into the light. Jude fights off the demons around them creating a safe place for Gabby to allow herself to overflow and live again.