New Release: Good Intentions ~ Ana Balen

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New Release: Good Intentions ~ Ana BalenTitle: Good Intentions
Author: Ana Balen
Series: Good Intentions #1
Release date: April 16, 2019
(Sub)genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 108
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The road to hell is paved by good intentions.

I’m living proof of that.
When I met my wife I had good intentions. When I stayed in a marriage that doesn’t work (to put it lightly) I had good intentions.
But then she came to work for me.
She was supposed to just a desire I would never fulfil.
I am a married man.
A father, and she is too young.
But then, my wife crossed the line, and she came offering something I couldn’t say no to, and all my good intentions went right where I was going.
To hell.

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About Ana Balen

Ana Balen was born in Zagreb, Croatia, where she still lives with her husband, their son (read boss!) and the son's pet rabbit named Shhh! (or some other gibberish that's the favorite of their son for the day.)

She spends her days driving her husband up the wall (when he can't get her ass up from the bed in the mornings), reading and daydreaming, or following orders from a two-year old. In the hectic life she leads (and loves every second of it), she never thought about writing. But, then one day a name popped in her head, then, the snippets of things, and she sat down and started typing. Next thing, she wrote a book. And now, she's trying to write another one.

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