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Title: Rise, Remember, Release
Author: Dylan Allen
Series: Symbols of Love
(Sub)genres: Contemporary Romance
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Love isn’t for me.
I don’t dream – I work.
I don’t fall in love – I focus.
I never let anything, or anyone distract me.
Until I meet Simon.
The gorgeous, brilliant young architect snares me with his dark eyes.
He sets me aflame with his dirty, filthy mouth.
He breaks down my defenses one sweet, sexy smile at a time.
Suddenly, I find myself, breaking all my rules.

I forget that only fools fall in love.
I don’t remember that dreams are just lies we tell ourselves.

All is do is dream… of his hands, his lips, his body.
Of a heart good enough…and a love strong enough
to make me believe in happily ever after.
When our pasts rear their ugly heads and our secrets start to be revealed,
we buckle under the weight of them.
Will we let them break us?
Or will we find the courage to rise to the challenge
and fight for our love?

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I had it all.
A perfect life.
safe life.
The love  of my life.

Then, in the blink of an eye, it was gone.
So, when I had the chance to have it again, I held on tight.
So tight, I smothered it.
My perfectly laid out life come crumbling down,
And this time, it almost took me with it.


My journey to reclaim my future sends me back into the very grown-up arms of the boy I used to love.
I didn’t expect to still want him.
I didn’t expect him to want me, too.

In Dean, I find a passion and love I thought was lost
But the closer we get, the more tangled the web of deceit spun by families becomes.
And suddenly, our second chance at love turns into a battle for the future we want.
As we look to the past for answers, will what we remember, make us wish we could forget?

My 5-star review:


I’m here for pleasure.
And in paradise, I don’t have a past. I don’t have pain, my secrets don’t haunt me, And I can be anyone I want.

He’s here for business.
Harry’s intoxicatingly handsome, rich, and also the biggest jerk I’ve ever met. So, it’s inconvenient that sparks fly every time our eyes meet.

Indulging in an affair wasn’t on my agenda. But fate isn’t a mistress to our intentions; What starts as a strike of lightening on a moonlit beach Ignites a fire between us that will span continents.

Meeting again in the unlikeliest of circumstances feels written in the heavens.

And I’ll need the courage of the gods to tell him the truth.

They say the truth will set you free… but what if it destroys you first?

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About Dylan Allen

Dylan Allen is a Texas girl with a serious case of wanderlust. A self-proclaimed happily ever junkie, she loves creating stories where her characters chase their own happy endings. When she isn’t writing or reading, eating or cooking, she and her family are planning their next adventure.

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