Reread Monday: The Boudreaux series ~ Kristen Proby

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Reread Monday: The Boudreaux series ~ Kristen Proby

As readers, I think we all, at least to some extent, believe in happily ever after, so it is a joy to witness it in real life.

At a book signing in England, on Saturday, Kristen Proby, the author of one of my favorite series ever (With Me In Seattle) got proposed to by her boyfriend John. Most of us who follow her on social media have heard a lot about them and they seems to be a real life fairytale couple. So this week’s #rereadmonday is dedicated to ms Proby in congratulations on her upcoming nuptials.

And since her newest book, in her Boudreaux series, releases next week, it’s a perfect excuse for a reread of my other favorite series of hers. This series follows the Boudreaux clan in the Big Easy.

Easy love follows the relationship between Eli and Kate. Eli is the youngest, and the CEO of the family’s company. Kate is the woman who is hired to investigate a case of embezzling within their company. This is the simple set up of boy meets girl, but in true Proby style, this book is a blend of fun and sexy and definitely worth a reread.

The second book, Easy Charm, follows the story of the Boudreaux clan, Gabrielle and Rhys. She’s a single mom to Sam and run the family’s B&B in Louisiana. Rhys is a famous baseball player, who gets injured and seeks calm and comfort at Gabi’s B&B.

The single mom set up is one of my favorites, cause I’m a sucker for any author that can make this “anti-mom” fall in love with kids. Proby did this to me with Sam, such an amazing young man in the making. In addition, Rhys is my favorite Proby man… You should see for your self why.

Easy melody, the third book on the series follows the relationship between Declan and Callie. Declan is the family’s sexy (emphasis on sexy) musician and Callie is the sassy club owner where he plays. Callie is my favorite heroine I’d this series, she is everything I want to be when I grow up: Fierce, sassy and cool. Combine that with Declan and it is sweet story with great sexual tension..

The newest book, Easy kisses, follows Charly at a seminar where she falls for the speaker Simon.

I, for one, can’t wait to read this book, since I never know what ms Proby will deliver next. All I know is that I love everything she is writes and she is an automatic one-clink for me…

– Sandie

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