Review Request / Policy

Review Request

If you want me to review one of your books, you can always send me an email. Do I read and review every book? No, I don’t. I only read and review books I think I’ll like (based upon the blurb).

  1. I review (erotic) romance books.
  2. I want my books to have a HEA (Happily Ever After), I’m not too fond of reading about a great couple, and them not ending up together.
  3. I don’t like books where the Hero and Heroine cheat on each other (but I don’t mind a good love-triangle).
  4. I’m not a fan of serials or really short books.
  5. Since I’m in my thirties I prefer to read about adults. High school and college are a long time ago for me, but ocasionally I like to read about it.

Besides those requirements, I will read anything from very sweet to very dark and everything in between. You can read my earlier reviews to see what I say about other books.

Since I review for fun, I’m trying to keep my schedule a bit under control. So, when you ask me to review your book, mention when you want to have the review and please give me some time.

When I have read your book I will let you know what I think of the book, and how many stars I’ll give it. You can decide if you still want me to write a review.

Review Policy

The books I review I have bought myself via the appropriate channels. When I review an ARC (Advanced Readers Copy), I will clearly say so in my review. I don’t receive any form of payment for reviews posted on this website.

Reviews will be published on my blog, and I’ll post them on Goodreads and Amazon US. I’ll also post about the reviews on Facebook and Twitter.


5 Stars = I love this book, it’s outstanding. The story has stayed with me for days and I will definitely re-read it.

4 Stars = Really, really like this book. It may have a few minor faults, but was very much worth the time to read it.

3 Stars = An okay book, I liked it. It met a few of my expectations, but missed others. The story didn’t move me as I’d hoped it would.

Below 3 Stars = I don’t review books below 3 stars. Authors put a lot of time in their work, and I don’t feel comfortable to write a negative review.