Book review: A Seal Forever ~ Anne Elizabeth

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Book review: A Seal Forever ~ Anne ElizabethTitle: A SEAL Forever (West Coast Navy SEALs, #3)
Author: Anne Elizabeth
Series: West Coast Navy SEALs #4
Release date: December 1st 2015
(Sub)genres: Contemporary Romance, Military
Pages: 320
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Rating: three-stars

Special Operator Declan Smith was a dedicated U.S. Navy SEAL, a known player, and daredevil who loved pushing the limits. But on his last mission, an IED leaves him injured and angry as hell—and it changes everything.

When a loud crash disturbs his neighbor, Maura Maxwell, she assumes the sailor next door is up to his usual bad behavior. But the man she finds covered in glass is far from the cocky ladies' man she'd grown to tolerate. Lying before her is a man fighting to rediscover his place in the world—and he can't do it alone.

A Seal Forever tells the story of Declan/Dec and Maura. Dec is a Navy Seal through and through who has joined the Navy at a young age. After going through intense and hard training he now is the Master Chief of his own Seal Team and spends a lot of his time abroad on dangerous and long ops. Due to his line of work, Dec feels he can’t form close relationships with women. He has seen his brothers try and fail, leaving heartbreak and misery. Therefore, over the years he has easy, on-again of-again relationships with no strings attachted.

“There was a confidence and beauty about her that drew him. His eyes followed the tiny drops of water as they ran down the valley between her breasts. He held out a towel for her, and she stepped out of the tub and into his embrace.”

Maura is a young woman who just moved next to Dec. She describes herself as shy when it comes to her new neighbor. His Adonis looks and the constant parade of gorgeous companions had put her off but doesn’t stop her fantasizing at night. Maura is a very sportive lady, she teaches gymnastics and parkour at her own gym to children and adults. Her dream however was to compete as an individual gymnast herself. She was very promising as a teenager, but a horrific accident changed her world and body.

“She’d been kissed last night, and by none other than Declan. Life was getting interesting. She’d discarded that last bit of shyness as she lay in the tub naked. She felt renewed, as if she could be the bold, modern woman she’d always wished to be.”

Dec and Maura’s story is told from both POV’s, thus you have an inside in both the hero and the heroine. I really like Maura. Despite the scars she has due to her accident she is a confident lady who makes a living with teaching something she loves. She’s also very kind to the people around her and tries to help them the best she can, even when they tried to ruin her livelihood.

Since the author’s husband is a former Navy Seal a lot of Seal terms and language is used in this book. For me, as a reader and not familiar with the Seals, this was at times a little bit too much at times. However, it made Dec look like a more real human being instead of a fictional character. I really felt so sorry for him around halftime of the book. I understand his reasons not to call Maura, but I was a little angry with him for it. After all their talks and time together he should have known she would be there for him, no questions asked.

“He listened to her breathing for a long time, feeling her heart beat alongside his, before he allowed his eyes to close and gave in to his own need for rest. This time as he drifted away, there were no night terrors. There were only dreams of him and her, and their life together.”

A Seal Forever is a sweet read without too much angst or over-the-top moments and is pleasantly written. I give this story 3 stars.


~~ A Seal Forever was provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review ~~

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