Book review: Be Here Now ~ Julia Goda

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Book review: Be Here Now ~ Julia GodaTitle: Be Here Now
Author: Julia Goda
Series: Cedar Creek #2
Release date: August 17th 2015
(Sub)genres: Alpha, Second-change
Pages: 305
Buy: Amazon US
Rating: four-half-stars

Six years ago Loreley Cooper thought she had it all. Head over heels in love with her boyfriend Jason and ready to take on the future after college, she landed the internship of her dreams. But things came crashing down during a fight, when she believed she found out he’d done something she knew she could never forgive. Completely heartbroken she walked away and hasn’t talked to him since.

Now, six years later, Loreley is recovering from a painful tragedy that almost killed her. Finally finding her way back to herself, now famous rock star Jason Sanders storms back into her life and seems determined to win her back. Why he would seek her out after all this time, Loreley has no idea. She has sworn to never talk to him again after what he did.
Jason Sanders is determined to not let the love of his life walk away from him again and is willing to do anything and everything to make her give them another chance.
Misunderstandings are uncovered and secrets are revealed that lead to pain and heartbreak yet again. Will they have what it takes to forgive each other and themselves and fight for their happily-ever-after or is it too late?

Be Here Now tells the story of Jason and Loreley. They fell in love, real love, at a young age. But due to harsh spoken words, wrong people at the wrong place, it all ends in heartbreak… Forward six years. Jason is a worldfamous rockstar who’s done with the rockstar lifestyle. All he can think about is the girl he lost. He returns to her hometown, to see if there’s a change they can get back together.

Loreley works in her family’s bar in her hometown. Six years ago she left for an summerholiday intership, but returned. She’s a sweet, hardworking girl who sometimes preforms on stage in the bar with her guitar. She’s still hurt over what happened all those years ago.

My thoughs:
I really, really like this book! It’s Julia Goda’s second book. Her first book had a strong KA vibe, but in this book it’s less KA, far more Julia Goda. I really enjoyed the writing.

I felt so bad for Loreley and for what she went through. No one deserves that. I did understand her reasons why she didn’t talk to Jason. But I also very much understand how Jason felt. If only he knew what was going on, everything would have gone so differently. This story tells the all-important lesson of Communication.. Even though you’re hurt, please talk!!

Besides the main characters, I really like the other characters. I hope to see them in future Cedar Creek books!

I highly recommend this book!


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