Book review: Between Now and Always ~ Dylan Allen

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Book review: Between Now and Always ~ Dylan AllenTitle: Between Now and Always
Author: Dylan Allen
Series: Forever #3
Release date: January 6, 2020
(Sub)genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 321
Buy: Amazon US ~ Amazon UK
Rating: five-stars
I received this book from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

How do you move on
when the only thing you want,
is the one thing you can't have?

They set their sights on forever
And lost everything.
Beth and Carter are trying to move after heartbreak brought them both to their knees.

When Beth makes a life-altering decision, she finds herself in a world where everyone is a stranger.
Except the man she’s forced to love from afar.

Carter's star has exploded. The career he's always wanted is finally his.
He's determined to put loving Beth behind him.
But his heart won't let her go..

They try to learn to live with their choices.
But nothing is at it seems.
Can these two overcome the obstacles in their way to find their way back to each other?
This is the stunning, breathtaking conclusion of The Forever Trilogy.

Finally, Beth and Carter get their Happily Ever After! From the moment they meet until they can be a real couple, they have to overcome a lot. In Between Now and Always a lot of questions are answered and real love gets a chance. I love the conclusion to the Trilogy, Beth and Carter both deserve everything.

After the ending of the last book, Beth and Carter are trying to move on. Beth is playing the happy soon-to-be bride, and Carter is living the life of a superstar. They seem to be okay, but both can’t stop thinking about the one they can’t love. Its said true love doesn’t die, and this certainly is true for Beth and Carter. When they meet again and all is out in the open, they finally can work on a real and forever relationship.

Oh, oh, Carter and Beth. Your story isn’t the easiest one; horrible family members, buried secrets and hidden agendas. But the two of you won! I love Beth and Carter, they have been through horrible times, but their separation has matured them, made them ready for their Always. Besides Carter and Beth getting back together there happens a lot in this part of the Trilogy. Sometimes it’s a wee bit much, but it’s all fitting to the story; I wouldn’t change a thing about it.

I love Between Now and Always, I give Beth, Carter and their story 5 stars.



I watched her with my entire heart in my throat. I have never been so proud of anyone, ever, in my whole life.

The whole room just witnessed the sweeping tower of her beauty and courage. Then, they saw the way her expression changed from pride to exultant relief….like a dead man stumbling on a cure when her eyes landed on me.

Not everyone gets the kind of love I saw in her eyes.  I  feel like the luckiest man alive right now because she’s back in my arms.

We’re the magnetic halves of one whole – drawn together, locking into place, and then holding on for dear life through the seismic shift of our world righting itself.

I breathe in her sweet, familiar scent. There’s a new depth to it, less flower, more earth, but the essence of it is unchanged.

“Carter, oh my God, Carter,” she repeats over and over. Her arms are wrapped tight around me like I’m her lifeline.

Holding her again, there’s no doubt that she’s mine.

My heart is beating normally for the first time in almost two years. My lungs inflate fully for the first time in that long, too.

Her nose is pressed to my neck and her lips move against the base of my throat.  My body reacts to her nearness, to the press of her curves, her breasts, her thighs, the way her hair smells.  So, I put her down.  When I look at her face and see that smile, I want so badly to hold her again, my erection be damned.

A throat clears behind us and I turn sharply back to my table. Nadia’s staring at us with wide, wet eyes.

Next to me, the throat clears again and this time, I follow the sound. Standing to my left is the man I’d seen her with earlier. The one who’d wrapped his arms around her earlier, is looking at me like if there was a baseball bat in reach, he’d use it to put some distance between me and Beth.

She turns and wraps her arms around his neck hugs him fiercely.

He hugs her back, but his eyes are stony on me.

Who is the cradle robbing asshole?

She pulls out of his embrace and smiles up at him. “Joe, I can’t believe I did it.”

His expression softens the minute he looks down at her, his eyes shine with adoration.

“I can.  You did a great job,” he says and taps the end of her nose with the tip of his finger.  She preens and gives him a mock curtsey.

“You gonna introduce me, Beth?”  he asks, nodding over her shoulder at me.

Her spine straightens and she nods.  Then, she turns back to me, that smile back o her face.

“Carter this is Joe…my neighbor and my friend.” She squeezes his hand and they smile at each other.

“I’m her surrogate father,” he corrects in a deep unequivocal voice, a glint of protective pride in his eyes. He shifts his weight and for the first time, I realize he’s leaning on a cane.

“Joe, this is Carter. My….” Her lips purse as she stops to choose her words, but and her eyes are bright with jubilant joy as they scan my face as if the answers to the universe’s mysteries can be found there. “He’s….my best everything. Ever,” she says with a happy, matchlessly beautiful smile.

My heart does that thing…that stumble, trip, and fall that has always been its response to being near her.

It doesn’t care that she’s my…whatever. It only knows that for me, she is love.


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