Book review: Between Now and Forever ~ Dylan Allen

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Book review: Between Now and Forever ~ Dylan AllenTitle: Between Now and Forever
Author: Dylan Allen
Series: Forever #1
Release date: October 7, 2019
(Sub)genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 256
Buy: Amazon US ~ Amazon UK
Rating: five-stars
I received this book from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

He was searching for the truth.
I was living a lie.

Our paths should never have crossed.
Yet, when we kissed it felt like destiny.

Falling in love was messy
We broke rules we should have followed.
We made promises we couldn’t keep.

Forever felt impossible.
Heartbreak was inevitable.
Always would cost us everything.

Book 1 in the Forever Trilogy

Sometimes upcoming books make me a bit nervous. Not that I don’t trust the author to do her characters justice, but there’s something in the blurb that tells me it won’t be an easy road to a happily ever after. Between Now and Forever is such a book for me. I love Beth and Carter, but I need the rest of their story asap…

Beth and Carter both come from privilege. But where Carter has a loving, supportive family, Beth has grown up very differently. Love and kindness aren’t things she’s familiar with (besides her brother), but she craves a normal life. Carter has his own demons to fight, but when he meets Beth, he can’t help himself, he needs to know her. Beth and Carter are a sweet couple, but it’s not their moment yet.

I love Beth, and I feel so sorry for her. I want to hug her and tell she will be okay. Carter is a great guy, but he’s having a hard time. But unlike Beth, he has the support of his loved ones. Beth, Carter, and their way to each other are the focus of the book of course, but there is much more going on. Family secrets and hidden truths are a great part of the story, but their meaning is unsure yet.

Between Now and Forever is the first book in the ‘Forever Trilogy’ and gives us the beginning of the story of Carter and his Beth. The story is told from a double POV, giving both leading characters a voice. Like other books by Dylan Allen it’s beautiful written, and at some points very realistic. Do I like all what happens? No… But it’s fitting and necessary for the unfolding story.

I love Between Now and Forever; I give the first part of Beth and Carter’s story 5 stars.



“Keep it. A little something to remember me.”

“So…are we, like, going to be like…boyfriend and girlfriend?”

Her eyes are expectant and suddenly, breathing feels a little harder. Those words make me think of things like explanations and disappointment. I’m not sure that I can be intimate with anyone. And what happens when she finds out about everything? She’ll be horrified. Or when I start back on the show and that whole world crowds in on us… she’ll get tired of it and walk away. Or I’ll be weak and break even more of my own rules and end up hurting her.

“Let’s not put any labels on it.”

Her eyes lose some of their sparkle, but she smiles gamely. “Well, no matter what we call it, the last few days have been awesome. I know a side of myself that I didn’t before.”

“How do you mean?”

“I mean, now I know, that given the chance, I can sit down with people I don’t know and have a great conversation. I’ve never been anywhere, but here. And now I’m going to get to travel with you—even though I’ll be seeing it through your phone’s camera. Meeting you was really good luck.”Oh yeah…The cheesecake.

I’m ruined. I brush my lips very lightly across hers and smile when she whimpers. God, I’m going to miss her.

“I promise, I’ll call.” It doesn’t make my heart race to say it.

“Don’t promise, Carter. Those are bound to be broken. Just do it.”Her eyes turn solemn and I see that she and disappointment are intimate friends. I want to break them up.


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