Book review: The Dating Alternative ~ Jennifer Woodhull

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Book review: The Dating Alternative ~ Jennifer WoodhullTitle: The Dating Alternative
Author: Jennifer Woodhull
Series: Standalone
Release date: December 26, 2018
(Sub)genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 288
Buy: Amazon US ~ Amazon UK
Rating: four-stars
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After her fiance walks out just weeks before their wedding, Brie isn't ready for another relationship. After her friends convince her that what's good for the goose is good for the gander, she decides to give something more casual a try. When the good-looking guy she has flirted with for years keeps popping up, she's tempted. She may not be ready for dating, but Max is happy to offer her an alternative.


Finding out your fiance is dating someone else is a real downer. What can I say? I picked the wrong guy. Gave him the wrong finger. Taking a break from dating seems like the logical choice.

There are some great things about being single. Going without... you know, s-e-x... isn't one of them. My friends are trying to convince me that there's an app for that, but it's not working out so well. There is this one guy I've always sort of flirted with, though. For the first time since I've known him, we're single at the same time. I'm so not ready to jump into another relationship, but maybe it's time to find out if this friends-with-benefits thing can really work.


I have crushed on Brie ever since I first met her, but the timing was never right. Now, though, she's single and so am I. Just my luck, she's got me firmly planted in the friend zone.

When I find out she's looking for something strictly physical, of course, I offer my services—I mean, what are friends for, after all? The problem is, the more time I spend with her, the more convinced I am that she's perfect for me. I'm probably the only guy in history to ruin a no-strings-attached deal by falling for the girl.

Now, I've got to try to make her see I'm not like her jerk of an ex. If she'll give us a chance, I know we could be great together. She's under my skin, and if she walks away, she takes my heart with her.

Getting your life back together after your fiancé has dumped you right before your wedding? Easy or not? The Dating Alternative tells the story of Brie, who had her heart broken big time. Luckily there’s Max, who just is what she needs. I love this sweet story.

“I’ve always liked this girl, but since she told me she’s single, I’ve been thinking about her a lot more than usual.”

Brie thought she had it all; a fiancé and a job she liked (well, sort of…). That’s until fiancé-dear decides he wants somebody else and is gone before Brie can blink her eyes. Nowadays its just work and spending time with her friends for Brie; no men and certainly not a new relationship. But then Max shows up, a sweet guy who had a similar experience like Brie. And the best part; Brie and Max know each other. Not that they’re close friends, but they’ve run in the same circles. And both are single now…

“He leans down, and brushes his lips, those soft, sweet, strong lips against mine, and I melt against him.”

Brie and Max are a cute, swoon worthy couple, they are perfect for each other. However, Brie isn’t so sure about Max (or starting a new relationship in general). Her fiancé’s betrayal has made her skittish, and she doesn’t want to get hurt again. Max is an amazing guy who finally sees his chance with Brie, he takes whatever she’s willing to give him. Of course, their ‘arrangement’ is doomed to fail (hello, this is a romantic story) and Max and Brie have their Happily Ever After.

The Dating Alternative is my very first read by Jennifer Woodhull, and I’m pleasantly surprised. I love her writing, and her characters. Max and Brie feel like real people, who talk and react realistically. No over-the-top drama, no annoying exes who try to destroy the couple’s happiness. Is there no drama at all? Well, there’s a secondary storyline, but that doesn’t take away from Brie and Max. As I said, I have enjoyed reading this book, and I will definitely pick up other books by this author.

“This isn’t really dating. This is something much, much more.”


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