Book review: Until Death Do We Part ~ Fiona Davenport

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Book review: Until Death Do We Part ~ Fiona DavenportTitle: Until Death Do We Part
Author: Fiona Davenport
Series: Sex and Vows #1
Release date: May 9, 2016
(Sub)genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 208
Buy: Amazon US ~ Amazon UK
Rating: four-stars

Alex Shaw.
Code Name: Justice
Contracts attorney.
Adoring husband.
Spy with a reputation for being able to break anyone.

Genevieve Shaw.
Code Name: Scarlett
International art dealer.
Loving wife.
Covert operative with more kills to her name than any other agent.

They’re crazy in love… and completely unaware of what the other is hiding. Four years of wedded bliss is blown apart when they finally cross paths on a mission. They’re hunting the same target, but with very different goals. Justice has been sent to retrieve and interrogate. Scarlett to eliminate the threat.

On opposite ends of a mission, their love is put to the ultimate test.

One of my ‘guilty pleasure’ authors at the moment is Fiona Davenport. Her books have way over-the-the-top Alpha’s, sassy leading ladies and the situations that the couples get themselves into…. I wouldn’t appreciate my hubby getting me pregnant without consulting me on the matter, but hey, this is fiction! Until Death Do We Part is the author’s latest book, and I love it.

“Alex Shaw,” I had introduced myself, holding my hand out. “Genevieve, well, Evie, Porter.” Her hand slid into mine and a sizzle streaked through me. The look on her face told me she’d felt it too.”

Alex and Evie are a young, successful couple. Four years ago they met at an art auction, and married after a three month, whirlwind courtship. Both have demanding jobs – Alex is a contract attorney, Evie an art dealer – which take them to all corners of the world. But what’s most important to them is the love they have for each other. Although they are still madly in love after a four-year marriage, both Alex and Evie are keeping secrets from each other, secrets that can cost them both their lives.

“Alex,” she called softly. Kissing her temple, I rested my cheek on her silky hair. “What, baby?” “What do we do now?” That was a loaded fucking question and I didn’t know the answer. The best I had was to focus on the mission. “I guess we’ll team up and find the son of a bitch.”

As soon as Evie and Alex find out the truth about each other, what they really do for a living, it doesn’t take long to come to terms with the situation. As top agents of their agencies they know each other’s reputation, know what the other one is capable of. Evie is relieved to find out that Alex isn’t bothered with her ‘career’ as an assassin, something she was always afraid of. Working together to eliminate a mutual threat opens up all kinds of possibilities to spend as much time together as possible, and deepen the strong bond they already have.

As already said, I enjoy Fiona Davenports work, it’s kind of a ‘guilty pleasure’ read to me. The writing is light and pleasant, and the main characters – especially how they speak to each other – are a bit over the top (but very entertaining). Until Death Do We Part reads like some sort of Mr. & Mrs. Smith (you know, that awesome movie with Brad and Angelina), but minus the bad relationship and including hot, sweaty, frequent sex. And another very big plus, Until Death Do We Part is a lot longer than other Fiona books.

My Evie. She looked at me quizzically as her chuckles subsided. “What?” I told her the absolute truth. “I love you, baby.” Her face lit up and she smiled wide. “I love you too, stud.” I picked up one of her hands and brought it to my lips, kissing it softly before giving it a little squeeze. “Let’s get going, baby.”

I’ve enjoyed reading Until Death Do We Part. I give the story of Evie and Alex 4 stars.


~~ Until Death Do We Part was provided in exchange for an honest review ~~

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