Book review: Dirty Filthy Rich Men ~ Laurelin Paige

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Book review: Dirty Filthy Rich Men ~ Laurelin PaigeTitle: Dirty Filthy Rich Men
Author: Laurelin Paige
Series: Dirty Duet #1
Release date: March 27, 2017
(Sub)genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 300
Buy: Amazon US ~ Amazon UK
Rating: five-stars
I received this book from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

When I met Donovan Kincaid, I knew he was rich. I didn’t know he was filthy. Truth be told, I was only trying to get his best friend to notice me.

I knew poor scholarship girls like me didn’t stand a chance against guys like Weston King and Donovan Kincaid, but I was in love with his world, their world, of parties and sex and power. I knew what I wanted—I knew who I wanted—until one night, their world tried to bite me back and Donovan saved me. He saved me, and then Weston finally noticed me, and I finally learned what it was to be in their world.

And then what it was like to lose it.

Ten years later, I’ve found my way back. Back to their world. Back to him.

This time, I’m ready. I’ve been down this road before, and I know all the dirty, filthy ways Donovan will try and wreck me.

But it’s hard to resist. Especially when I know how much I’ll like it.

Dirty Filthy Rich Men picks up ten years after the ending of the prequel, Dirty Filthy Rich Boys. Sabrina, Weston and Donovan are all older now, and have left their college years behind them. Sabrina thought she would never see the men again, but a chance meeting changes that. I love this first part of ‘the Dirty Duet’.

“He would remember me. He’d have to. What had happened between us had been so small in the scheme of time but so big in the scope of the impact it’d had, at least on my life. Did I have the same effect on him?”

After Sabrina had to leave Harvard due to family circumstances, she had to work hard to get back and finish her degree. It took her a bit longer as planned, but she made it. Sabrina is a successful is her field of work – advertising – and loves her work. From time to time she still thinks about Weston and Donovan, the two very different men she met at Harvard. Seeing Weston again at a work-related convention changes her life; accepting his job-proposal brings her right back into the world of Donovan and Weston with all its dark temptations.

“He was a special kind of catnip. Not only was he someone I’d wanted in the past, but he’d also achieved everything I’d ever desired for myself. There was something unexplainably attractive about that.”

When they graduated Harvard, Weston and Donovan didn’t start working for their fathers, but started their own advertising firm with three other friends. And not without success. Even though their firm is relatively new, they are considered one of the big players in advertisement. Outside the office both men are still players as well; Weston is the handsome ladies’ man, while Donovan prefers a bit more edge to his ‘dates’. Both men are attracted to Sabrina, but they both know only one can have her.

“God, I couldn’t just smell his cologne, I could also smell him. The musky scent of his maleness, and even after a decade, my body reacted against my will. My nipples budded, and my panties felt slick. Every part of me tuned to him despite how my mind cried to resist him.”

It has been ten years since she saw Weston and Donovan, but Sabrina hasn’t forgotten them. Weston was her secret crush, but Donovan awakened the dark cravings she still has. A hot weekend with Weston followed by a job offer brings Sabrina back to the men, and she doesn’t know how to act around them. Does Weston want more? Does Donovan know about her and Weston? Does Weston know about her and Donovan all those years ago? Sabrina is attracted to both men, but where Weston seems to be the safe choice, Donovan calls to her on a much deeper, darker level.

Dirty Filthy Rich Men is what I thought it be, but it also isn’t. Does that make sense? Yes, it’s written in the same style as the author’s other books I love, but I guess I expected a bit more of a ‘love-triangle’ aspect. While Sabrina likes both men, it’s not hard to see which of them is her real love interest. The story is almost solely told from Sabrina’s POV, leaving the men (especially Donovan) an enigma. I really want to know about what’s going on in his head, and what happened to him in his past.

“She was naked, the sheet only pulled up to her waist, but what made it special was that she was curled up in my arms. It was the only picture that had ever been taken of us together. If I wanted to keep her safe, there would never be another one again.”

I love Dirty Filthy Rich Men, I give the first part of ‘the Dirty Duet’ 5 stars. And now I have to wait till September 11 for part 2…


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