Book review: On the Edge of Regret ~ Kate Squires

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Book review: On the Edge of Regret ~ Kate SquiresTitle: On the Edge of Regret
Author: Kate Squires
Series: Standalone
Release date: January 17, 2017
(Sub)genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 380
Buy: Amazon US ~ Amazon UK
Rating: four-stars
I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Brix Kelley is a typical, small-town girl, who grew up with scraped knees and dirty fingernails. Nash Cooper was the defiant teen of the town, who’s been in trouble with the law, practically from birth. The two have been friends for longer than they can remember, and somewhere along the way, a flame ignited.

They were inseparable. Then, suddenly, when she was just 15 years old, Brix left town, leaving behind everyone she’s ever loved, in search of a fresh start. She cut off contact with all five of her closest, childhood friends, never intending to return. But, when a tragic event forces her to go back six years later, she’s hesitant and unsure of what kind of reception she’ll receive…especially from Nash.

Still tortured by the ghosts of his past, Brix finds Nash as rebellious as ever, but for the first time since they met, his anger is aimed at her. Just when it seems as though things might be looking up, secrets, which have been long held and deeply buried, begin to surface, throwing them both into a tailspin.

With all the outside forces meant to keep them apart, can they find their way back? Was the love they shared as teens strong enough to bond them again as adults, or will the secrets from the past cause irreparable damage?

What happens when you go back to the town you came from, and meet your old life and love again? Will old wounds open, will there be anger? On the Edge of Regret tells the story of Brix, who left her hometown at 15, and now returns after an absence of six years. I’ve enjoyed reading this emotional story very much.

“He flips his hand over and slides his hand toward me so that our palms are touching. His fingers graze my wrist, then he gives my hand a squeeze. I smile at him, and he at me, and I know that all is forgiven…even if there’s more truth to discover.”

Brix is coming back home after six years, years without any contact with her friends and loved ones. She’s nervous, unsure what she’ll find, or how her old friends will react. She didn’t only leave her friends behind, but also a boy she loved with all her teenage heart. Nash was a mess after his Brix left without any explanation, one minute she was there, the next minute she was gone. Seeing each other is inevitable given the circumstances of Brix’s return, and both have to admit there’s still something between them.

“You’re not just some girl, and I’m not hoping it’ll work out, because I know it will. And second, it’s just a town, Brix. Home isn’t where you live, it’s who you live for.”

On the Edge of Regret is a standalone story, and tells the story of Brix and Nash. They have been friends forever, and their friendship turned into something more when they where teens. The first part of the story is told through Brix’s eyes, but in part two we see Nash’s POV as well. There’s a lot going in the book, but the main part is of course Brix and Nash finding their way back to each other.

Keeping secrets normally make me scream (in my head, not out loud), but in the case of Brix, not so much. She – and Nash – were still so very young, I fully understand her mom took over and made the decision to leave town. I love how Brix and Nash don’t fall into each other’s arms right away, that they take the time to rekindle their friendship first, before they take it to the next level. Besides the main couple there’s a set of great side characters, and I hope some of them will get their own story.

“I trace each letter of a 15-year-old boy’s declaration of love to his girlfriend, then I smile, feeling my heart swell with pride, as I remember how much it took to get us here.”



The corner of his mouth twitches ever so slightly, as he takes a step closer to me.

“Have you told him you love him?” he says, taking another step. My heart beats wildly, as I look anywhere but at him. He steps closer again, until he’s just inches away. “Have you?” I turn my head, but his hand touches my chin, steering it back to center. “Brix.” His voice is soft, seductive, and I’m not sure how much longer I can take being this close to him. “Look at me and tell me.” I finally find the courage to look at him, and it’s as if his eyes pierce through to my soul. “Have you told him you love him?” I open my mouth to speak, but I can’t say the words. He sees my hesitation and goes in for the kill. With his hand still on my chin, he lets it slide around to the side of my neck. His fingers easily glide into my hair, and his thumb rubs gently back and forth against my cheek. “I need to know,” he says, just above a whisper. I close my eyes, my lips part fractionally, and my heart is about to leap from my chest. I can feel his warm breath against my cheek, as his lips graze my ear. “Yes or no, Brix?” A sharp intake of breath fills my lungs, before I exhale in desperation.

“No,” I say, and it’s as if I’ve just confessed every sin I’ve ever committed. The relief is profound, but now I know I’ve opened up an enormous gate. I feel him smile against my cheek and hear his satisfaction as he hums his exhale.

“Good. I can work with that.”

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