Book review: Feyness ~ E.S. Carter

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Book review: Feyness ~ E.S. CarterTitle: Feyness
Author: E.S. Carter
Series: The Red Order #1
Release date: August 23, 2016
(Sub)genres: Dark
Pages: 204
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Rating: four-stars

I don't see dead people.
I see you.
I see every incarnation of you.
I see the history of your soul.
I can see your aura soaked in the blood of your previous lives.
Most people are inherently good or evil.
Some flit between darkness and light.
Few can change the fabric of their essence; it's a fight that most are too weak to win.
He was once darkness.
An evil so pure that his very soul is black and yet I am drawn to him like a moth to a flame.
Some days, I feel like I am drowning, the waves of my feelings stealing the very air from my lungs.
Other days, I feel nothing at all.
I'm unsure which is worse; gasping for air or dying from this thirst.
Can you learn to breathe underwater when you find someone worth drowning for?

E.S. Carter, what the heck have you done with E.S. Carter? I know this author for her sweet books like Three and Thirteen, but with Feyness she goes a completely different way. The book is anything but sweet – yes there is love, but it’s love with a dark edge. However, I have enjoyed reading this book and I’m curious to see if the author will write future dark books.

“Tonight, I will no longer be me. I will be owned. I will lose the moniker of Faye Craven and become a Hunter.”

Faye Craven is the daughter of an evil and cruel man. Her mother has tried to shield and save her from the darkness that came with Alec Craven, but after her untimely death there is no more hiding. Since then, Faye has mastered the art of hiding her true feelings, to mentally check out and to play the perfectly obedient daughter. And an obedient daughter does what she’s told to do; marrying her father’s best and most brutal killer; Cole Hunter. And while Faye knows she should fear him, she feels a connection to the man.

“My body bows towards his. His shadows call to my innocence like a siren song. “Come.” His hand extends, his palm open, but it isn’t a request, it’s a demand and like the good girl I am, I obey. Straight into the arms of an angel. The angel of death.”

Cole Hunter is a man with a twisted mind and dark urges. Becoming the man he is today – involved in the dark world he lives in – was inevitable, his tragic childhood made sure of that. But Cole is a man with a mission; to take down the King of the underworld. Together with his brother Luke and friend Grim he has a plan to avenge his mother’s death. Taking the daughter of the King as his wife was a part of that plan, but for some reason she makes him feel. And there is no place for feelings in Cole’s world.

“It’s just her and me. I can feel her. The scent of her fear. The rapid beat of her heart as it calls to me to take it, to crush it and to drink from it.”

Cole and Faye know of each other’s existence, but before their wedding day they haven’t spent any time together. For Cole, Faye was just a pawn in a bigger game, but the moment he sees her she calls to his inner beast. He knows he wants her, not just her body and submission, but everything he can have. Faye is much stronger and braver than people think she is. Although she didn’t choose Cole by herself, she sees a kindred spirit, a man she needs to know. Slowly, Cole and Faye feel comfortable enough to tell each other the stories of their childhoods, the very events that shaped them into the persons they are today. Against the dark background of Feyness it becomes clear Faye and Cole need each other to heal and to go forward, together.

As already said, I know E.S. Carter for much different books. And while I love those books, I think it’s a brave decision for an author to try something completely the opposite. Feyness is a romance story with dark elements. The dark doesn’t have much to do with the relationship of the main couple, but much more with the very dark world they live in. Horrible things are done to people, but the author has chosen not to write full scenes, to give hints and overall pictures. And those hints and overall pictures tell enough, I’m glad E.S. Carter didn’t write them out. The only issue I have with Feyness, is that it takes a long time before Cole and Faye become a real couple. I wanted to see more of them in love and together.

“This girl, this gift forced upon me by a madman, was my saviour. I thought revenge was my goal. It was until my eyes were opened to something else, something better. Sanctuary. She was mine, and I was hers.”

I’ve enjoyed reading Feyness, I give this story 4 stars. Do I want to read future dark books by E.S. Carter? Yes, please write stories for Luke and Grim.

~~ Feyness was provided in exchange for an honest review ~~

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