Book review: Juked ~ M.E. Carter

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Book review: Juked ~ M.E. CarterTitle: Juked
Author: M.E. Carter
Series: Texas Mutiny #1
Release date: June 16, 2016
(Sub)genres: Contemporary Romance, Sports
Pages: 225
Buy: Amazon US ~ Amazon UK
Rating: four-stars

Juked: verb.
A slang soccer term meaning: faked out, deceived, confused your opponent
See examples Daniel Zavaro and Quincy Watson:

As the rising star in Houston, Daniel has found fame as Captain of his Pro soccer team and the city’s most eligible bachelor. Daniel has everything – except someone special – and that suits him just fine. He doesn’t want, or need, complications.

Quincy has baggage, and lots of it. After a tragic accident spins her world on its axis, she finds herself as a single mother, raising a newborn nephew she never knew she had. Between parenthood, her full-time job, and dealing with the suffocating grief of losing her sister, every day is a struggle.

When they begin to cross paths unexpectedly and often, an unlikely friendship starts to evolve. Feelings change. Lines get crossed. What happens next surprises them both...

Before they know it-- they’ve been Juked.

One of the things I love about reviewing books is signing up to review a book by a – for me – unknown author. M.E. Carter is such an author for me. Juked is her latest book, and since one of the main characters is a single parent (for some reason I love books about single parents meeting their special person) I knew I had to read it. Both the book and the author didn’t disappoint, I’ve enjoyed reading this sweet story.

“I know I’m not your momma, but I promise I’m going to do the best I can. And I will never let you forget how much your momma loved you. Because she loved you so, so much.”

When Quincy gets the worst call possible – her baby sister has been in an accident – she rushes to the hospital, only to learn that Sarah has died. To her disbelief she learns Sarah has a baby son, Chance, and he has survived the crash. Since Quincy and Sarah are each other’s only family, she takes Chance home with her, which changes her life instantly. From a carefree hairdresser Quincy goes to being a single mother to her four-month old nephew, while she has no experience with babies at all. Men aren’t anywhere on her agenda, but a certain helpful man – Daniel – slowly puts himself into her life.

“Thinking of him brings a smile to my face. With his dark, spiky hair, dark eyes, dark skin, he really is good-looking. Not quite six feet, but he definitely has a few inches on me. Plus he’s kind, funny, good with kids. I have no idea why he’s still single.”

Daniel is the successful captain of a popular soccer team. Throughout Daniel’s childhood and teenage years his father was his biggest fan and, until the man left his family for his much younger girlfriend. This betrayal has cut Daniel and his other siblings deep, dictates their views on love and relationships. Daniel himself doesn’t do relationships. As a popular soccer player he has no problem finding willing women, as long as they understand his rules; just once, no feelings. Although Daniel has his rules, he’s respectful towards women, and stays away from his team members’ sex-capades. Meeting Quincy at the worst night of her life changes everything.

“Hey,” I say. “Quincy, right?” She looks pleasantly surprised to see me and even more surprised I remember her name. I actually surprise myself with that one. “Yeah. Um….” She gets a look on her face like she’s trying to remember my name. I kind of like that she has no idea who I am.”

Daniel and Quincy aren’t looking for a relationship, but they can’t deny the attraction between them. The couple spends a lot of time together, but doesn’t want to label their ‘relationship’, they try to keep it friendly and casual. But for ‘just friends’ Quincy and Daniel do a lot together, care for each other and help one another. Feelings do get involved – how could they not – and soon Daniel feels overwhelmed by the situation and runs away. When he finally has his act together, he and Quincy have a change at their Happily Ever After.

Juked is my very first book by this author, and I really like it; I love the author’s writing style and the realness of the characters. Both Daniel and Quincy feel like real people, with realistic reactions to what life throws at them. They are a sweet couple who have to find a way to be together; not just the two of them, but also with the little boy involved. I only wish Daniel’s family had handled a certain event differently, although I understand their reason, Quincy didn’t deserve the way they acted towards her.

“I really do love you, though, Quincy. You juked me.” I smirk. “You’re gonna have to teach me all your soccer lingo if I’m gonna stick around a while. I have no idea what you just said.” He smiles. “I saw you coming, but before I could even get my guard up, you ran right over me and left me dazed.”

I’ve enjoyed reading Juked, and I’ll definitely pick up other books by this author. I give this story 4 stars.


~~ Juked was provided in exchange for an honest review ~~


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