Book review: More of You ~ A.L. Jackson

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Book review: More of You ~ A.L. JacksonTitle: More of You
Author: A.L. Jackson
Series: Confessions of the Heart #1
Release date: September 10, 2018
(Sub)genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 469
Buy: Amazon US ~ Amazon UK
Rating: four-stars
I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

My daddy warned me never to fall for a boy like Jace Jacobs...

The second I saw him walk through the door, I knew he was trouble.
A gorgeous rebel with a bad attitude and a huge chip on his shoulder.
My heart warned me. I didn’t listen. I saw something protective and good beneath the fierce, tough exterior.
I fell hard and fast.
He promised we’d be together forever, and then left me with a broken heart.
Now, ten years later, Jace Jacobs is standing at my door.
Sexier than he’s ever been.
Provocative and commanding.
Successful and powerful.
The man I always knew he would become.
But I promised myself I’d never lose my heart to him again.
Even time couldn’t dim our chemistry. One glance of his intense eyes, and I become weak. One brush of his hand, and he brings me to my knees.
Little do I know, Jace holds the key to everything I’ve lost and everything that threatens my future.
Now he will either save me, or he will break me all over again . . .

More of You – a Confessions of the Heart second-chance, stand-alone romance

Can a young love broken apart by outside force be repaired? Can they overcome all hurting thoughts? More of You tells the story of Faith and Jace, who fell deeply in love as teenagers. But life isn’t always fair. I love how this couple gets a second change to build their dream future together.

“I’d known the second I met her this girl was more. Forever more, she’d be my everything.”

Faith is hurting. Her husband is gone, and she’s dealing with the aftermath. She wants to be okay, she wants to continue what they started, but she just can’t. It’s all too much, too soon, too painful. Seeing her old love Jace again doesn’t make it any easier. Jace is hurting as well, he wants to help Faith anyway he can, sees it as his duty. Slowly Faith and Jace start to get to know each other again, but it isn’t easy. They have a whole past, and other people have their opinion as well.

“Visions slammed me. What that would be like. Jace over me. Our bodies drenched in sweat. The expression he’d wear on his face. Heat flashed. Too much. Overwhelming.”

Faith is a sweetheart who’s going through a horrible time. She thought she had everything, but now she’s finding out not all is what it seems. I feel so sorry for her, her life is really falling apart. Adding Jace to the mix makes it even harder, but he is her true love. Jace is an honorable man who has overcome a lot. From being the kid from the wrong side of the tracks he’s now a respectable businessman, ready to re-claim the love of his life. Their road to their happily ever after isn’t an easy one, but they get there.

Like other books by A.L. Jackson, More of You is a true love story; filled with emotions, sweet moments and painful truths. It’s also written in true A.L. Jackson style, just the reason why I love her books. More of You is the first book in the ‘Confessions of the Heart Series’, I can’t wait for the other books.

“When I close my eyes, I see you. When I think of you, I see us together. When I look at you, I see where I belong. I see you.”


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