Book review: The Mitus Touch ~ Stoni Alexander

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Book review: The Mitus Touch ~ Stoni AlexanderTitle: The Mitus Touch
Author: Stoni Alexander
Series: Touch #1
Release date: March 14, 2017
(Sub)genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 346
Buy: Amazon US ~ Amazon UK
Rating: four-stars

She’s desperate for the one man she must avoid at all costs…

Wealth manager Brigit Farnay despises Colton Mitus. And with good reason. He ripped away her family’s company during the most painful time in her life. Forced to work with him, she can’t deny that Colton is gorgeous, brilliant, commanding. And the enemy. Her traitorous body craves his touch every moment of every day. And then she finds out about the erotic games he plays…

Corporate raider Colton Mitus is success and power personified. He demands control in the boardroom and in the bedroom. So he shouldn’t be tempted by the newest member of the Mitus team. But he is. Brigit challenges him and frustrates him, but also quiets the demons that haunt him, especially as she agrees to be drawn into his secret, sinful world.

The most lucrative deal of Colton’s career places Brigit’s family’s company in jeopardy. When old enemies return hell-bent on ruining him, Brigit is the only person who can save him. But she’s been keeping secrets that could destroy everything…

How far would you go to get back what should be yours? And what if feelings that shouldn’t be there get involved? The Mitus Touch tells the story of Brigit and Colton, both successful in their own field of work, but who are more connected then they think. I’ve enjoyed reading this story.

“She was perfect. Not because she was beautiful and sexy, but because she wasn’t interested. Winning was all that mattered. The greater the challenge, the better, and Brigit Farnay was proving to be quite the firecracker.”

Brigit and Colton are both driven people, who excel at what they do. Brigit is a sought-after wealth manager for a top Washington firm and Colton is specialized in taking over other companies. When the two of them meet there’s an instant attraction which Colton doesn’t mind, but Brigit isn’t too keen on the idea. And she has good reasons; not only business-wise, but also from a personal view getting involved with Colton is not the smartest plan. But refusing a determined Colton isn’t as easy as it sounds…

“I want the best and you’re it.” Riveted by his intensity, she trembled. His warm breath puffed against her bone-dry mouth and she slowly moistened her lower lip. “Now, why don’t you answer my question? How long will you need to prepare your presentation, Brigit?”

Brigit is intrigued by Colton and what he has to offer, but she doesn’t give into him too easily. Colton is used to women going out of their way to get his attention, a woman who reacts the exact opposite is a welcome challenge. There’s much more to this couple then the present, both are formed by their past, and the past still dictates them. Colton is pretty much an open book about his younger years, but Brigit isn’t ready yet to give full disclosure. I love how Colton and Brigit are an evenly matched couple. Yes, he’s a rich man, but she’s no damsel in distress, and a smart woman who makes a good living for herself.

The Mitus Touch is Stoni Alexander’s debut book, and I’ve enjoyed reading it. It took me a couple of pages to get used to the writing style, but after that I finished to book in one sitting. The author has written a sensual love story, but there are also realistic details about Colton and Brigit’s work. The Mitus Touch contains everything I want a romantic book; a great leading couple, interesting side-characters and a good old-fashioned villain. One little thing… After all the talk about the kinky parties at the estate, I was a bit disappointed Colton didn’t give a party after he met Brigit…

“The truth could have ruined everything. “But it didn’t, Bridgit,” he said and kissed her hand. “No, it didn’t.” After running her fingers through his hair, she caressed his cheek. “My love found a home when you came into my life.”


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