Book review: Montana Wild ~ Kira Berger

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Book review: Montana Wild ~ Kira BergerTitle: Montana Wild
Author: Kira Berger
Series: Standalone
Release date: July 15, 2020
(Sub)genres: Enemies-to-Lovers
Pages: 381
Buy: Amazon US ~ Amazon UK
Rating: five-stars
I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

To the outside world, my life looked perfect. As an equestrian jumper on her way to the Olympics, I’ve seemingly overcome the adversity of my past and became the underdog everyone can root for.

Until one mistake sent my life and career into a downward spiral.

Only I know the truth of the lies and manipulation behind the glitz and glamor that led me here. For fourteen years, I’ve been running from a past I couldn’t bring myself to face. It’s time to confront the source of the pain that haunts me.

It’s time to go home... to Montana.

Being judged by people who don’t know me is nothing new. Though, when a handsome stranger with a chiseled jaw-line and rugged good looks shows me that everyone in town already condemned me, I start to doubt my decision to come home. How can I not when my past is their present?

Still, I’ve come in search of answers, and I’m not leaving without them. More than a decade ago my world fell apart. To embrace all the future has to offer, it’s time to uncover my family’s deeply buried secrets.

One of the most exciting types of book for me? The second book by an author, whose first book I loved. Will it be just as great? Will I love the protagonists and their story? Or will I be a wee bit disappointed? I’m very happy to say that Montana Wild, Kira Berger’s second book, ticks all the right boxes for me. I love Montana en Kade, and their sometimes frustrating story.

After a serious accident, Montana’s life is changing. Not only does she have to recover physically herself, but her horse Whiskey needs some healing as well. Enter an estranged father and a beautiful ranch in Montana. For Montana it isn’t an easy choice to move there, but she knows what she has to do to keep her Olympic dream alive. Having been hurt before, Montana is weary when it comes to love. Falling in love while on her father’s ranch is not on her agenda, but Kade is kind of irresistible.

Montana, Montana… Poor girl, I so want to hug her. To the outside world she’s a reckless party girl, always looking for trouble. But that’s what other people make of her. The real Montana is a hurt young woman, very damaged by her past. She has learned the hard way people can’t be trusted, even the people who are supposed to love you unconditionally. Living at the ranch turns out to be life-changing; Montana learns the truth about her past and that she’s worthy of love. Montana and Kade have a rocky start, but once they’re on the same path, they’re amazing together. Their road to their Happily Ever After isn’t always easy, but they get there.

As I already said, Montana Wild is the second book by Kira Berger and I just love it. A great leading lady, check. Handsome hero, check. Stubborn, strangle-worthy characters, check. A mean villain, check. The author uses some clichés, but in this story they work. Both Montana and Kade have a history, and that makes them react a certain way. And truth to be told, without some drama the story would have been way to sweet. Montana and Kade act and react like real-life people. I love them and their story.


Montana Wild Kira Berger

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