Book review: Power Play ~ Alley Ciz

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Book review: Power Play ~ Alley CizTitle: Power Play
Author: Alley Ciz
Series: BTU Alumni #1
Release date: June 4, 2019
(Sub)genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 346
Buy: Amazon US ~ Amazon UK
Rating: four-stars
I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Hockey players are off limits especially ... if they’re on your brothers’ team.

The last time Jordan did that, it ended in disaster. It was easy to promise her brothers she'd never date another one of their teammates again.
Until she meets Jake.
The spark she feels when she spends time with him makes her promise harder and harder to keep.
Surely her brothers would understand breaking this promise if it means following her heart.
Wouldn't they?

Never sleep with a teammate’s sister.

This is the universal rule of athletes everywhere.
Until he meets Jordan.
As soon as Jake sets eyes on her, he wants her.
The goalie's job is to see missed shots and failed opportunities on the ice.
This is one shot he's not going to miss, no matter what obstacles get in his way.

College, sneaking around, parties and just being young. Add to that a cocky (but sweet) hockey player and a feisty girl and you have Power Play. It tells the sweet story of Jake and Jordan, who can’t help falling for each other. I have enjoyed reading this debut book very much.

After some time away, Jordan is back in the same town as her family. She had her reasons to go to a different town and university, but now she wants her life back. Falling for a hockey player / close friend of her brothers however is not part of the plan yet. Being a hockey player has its advantages (hello attention of girls), but Jake is a decent guy. He knows he shouldn’t chase Jordan, but he can’t help himself. Two people pretending they’re just friends, what can go wrong…

Jake and Jordan are both normal young people who surround themselves with family and friends. I love the realness of this couple, they talk and act realistically, no over-the-top stuff and crazy antics. Jordan is a sweetheart who had a bad experience, but that doesn’t stop her from living. Jake is just Jake; swoon worthy, a loyal friend and in love with a girl he can’t have (or so he thinks). Jordan and Jake are an amazing couple, I love them for each other.

Power Play is the very first book by Alley Ciz, and I’m very glad it decided to read it. I love how the author has written the characters and their story. One tiny little ‘remark’; in the first few chapters I was a bit confused with all the names that start with a J, but I got used to them. If you love to read about a great young couple, interesting side-characters and two sweet nosey kids, this is the book for you. Power Play is the first book in the ‘BTU Alumni Series’, so I’m pretty sure we’ll read more about Jake, Jordan and their family and friends.


About Alley Ciz

I'm Alley. I'm an Indie author and I write Contemporary/New Adult, Rom-Com, Sports Romances with fierce heroines and their swoony Alpha partners with heart. There's a heavy dose of witty banter and sarcasm in my characters.

I'm a stay at home mom to 3 amazing and crazy minis all under 4yo, a 95lb lab, and let's face it on some days my hubby is my 4th kids... But to be fair I totally love him a a lot. When I'm not corralling my crazy minis I can be found writing the stories the voices in my head tell me at naptime and when the rest of my house goes to sleep at night.

I'm a complete romance junkie. Pizza and mac and cheese are major food groups to me.

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