Book review: Preservation ~ Kate Canterbary

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Book review: Preservation ~ Kate CanterbaryTitle: Preservation
Author: Kate Canterbary
Series: The Walshes #7
Release date: June 13, 201
(Sub)genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 372
Buy: Amazon US ~ Amazon UK
Rating: four-stars
I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Two lonely hearts.
Just once, she'd like to be someone's first choice.
She's strong-willed and spunky, but she's left picking up the pieces from her ex's lies and manipulations, and daydreaming about taking a scalpel to his scrotum.

Flying under the radar is what he does best.
He's laid-back and loyal, but he wants the most off-limits woman in his world, and nothing will ever make that a reality.

An arrangement of mutual benefit.
Two months, four dates.
Five, if things go well.
Five at the most.
But possibly six.
Definitely no more than six dates.
Only the appearance of a romantic relationship is required, and they expect nothing more from their time together. There will be none of those benefits involved.

One wild weekend.
After waking up in bed together—very naked and even more hungover—the terms and conditions of their arrangement no longer apply. Now they're faced with something riskier than exposing their fake relationship: letting go of the past and zipping up the future.

Some things have to fall apart before they can be put back together.

Preservation is already book 7 in the ‘Walshes Series’ by Kate Canterbary. Like the other books it follows one of the Walsh siblings finding the one, in this case Riley. We’ve seen him throughout the previous books, now we finally get his endearing story.

Little note: since the identity of Riley’s special one is a bit of a spoiler, I’ll refer to her as RL (Riley’s Lady).

“Like I said, we’re hanging out,” I said. “You’re keeping it casual? The just friends routine?” I murmured in agreement. “Totally casual.” If casual involves a detailed dream of biting the soft part of her inner thigh.”

Riley is a hardworking guy; he loves his job at the family company, together with the rest of his siblings. His love life however is a bit messy; falling for a ‘forbidden’ woman is not wise, but the heart wants what the heart wants. Meeting another woman is not on his mind, but he and RL are drawn to each other. RL herself is still dealing with the aftermath of a relationship gone wrong. Not that her heart is broken, but her career is a different story. Is she ready to try again? No, but Riley makes it difficult.

“I’d missed everything he said because I was busy suppressing a whole-body shiver. He was so close and smelled so good and it had been so long since anyone’s anything had stirred a systemic reaction from me, and I almost wanted it. The shiver. The closeness. Him.”

Riley and RL are a great couple. They become friends right away, especially when they find out they can ‘use’ each other. Well, nothing dirty, but they come up with an arrangement both will benefit from. As always in stories (and real life), the plan is doomed to fail; keeping it strictly platonic is a no-no and feelings do get involved. I love the two of them, not just as a couple but also as individuals. Their journey is sweet, sexy and fun, but there are also the necessary serious moments.

Riley, Riley, Riley.. What are you thinking. I know you can’t decide who you fall in love with, but her? You know it will never happen. I was so happy he was able to let go of those feelings, and be open to RL and all that she is. I love RL and her attitude. Yes, her previous beau has hurt her, but she doesn’t give up on her career and keeps on going. She and Riley are perfect for each other. Like in the other Walshes books there is a lot of interaction with the other Walsh siblings, I love to see them.

“I needed her to see how much this was. How much we had here, together. How it was everywhere, all around us. How she was the only one, the only one I’d ever love with all of me.”

I’ve enjoyed Preservation very much, I give the story of Riley and RL 4 stars.


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