Book review: My Rogue, My Ruin ~ Amalie Howard & Angie Morgan

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Book review: My Rogue, My Ruin ~ Amalie Howard & Angie MorganTitle: My Rogue, My Ruin
Author: Amalie Howard, Angie Morgan
Series: Lords of Essex #1
Release date: November 21, 2016
(Sub)genres: Historical
Pages: 348
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Rating: four-stars
I received this book from Inkslinger PR in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

He stole their riches, she stole his heart.

The Marquess of Hawksfield’s lineage is impeccable and his title coveted, but Archer Croft is as far from his indulgent peers as he can get. His loathing for the beau monde has driven him to don a secret identity and risk everything in order to steal their riches and distribute them to the less fortunate.

Lady Briannon Findlay embraces her encounter with the Masked Marauder, a gentleman thief waylaying carriages from London to Essex. The marauder has stirred Brynn’s craving for adventure, and she discovers an attraction deeper than the charming thief’s mask.

Brynn is a revelation, matching Archer in intelligence, wit, and passion. Stubborn and sensuous in equal measure, she astonishes him at every turn, but when someone sinister impersonates Archer’s secret personality, and a murder is committed, Archer begins to think he doesn’t stand a fighting chance without her.

A book genre I don’t read very often is ‘Historical Romance’. I’m not so sure why, because I love to read about relationships in a time setting so different from ours. Marriage for love wasn’t the norm back in those days; it was about duty to the family and the expectations of society. My Rogue, My Ruin by author duo Amalie Howard and Angie Morgan is the first book in ‘the Lords of Essex series’, and I’ve really enjoyed it.

“It was the principle of the thing. “Do you always get what you want?” she hissed. “I have a fairly decent record.” Of course he did—manipulating unsuspecting women with his eyes and his words and that sinful mouth.”

Brynn is a young woman from a respectable family. She is raised to be a proper lady, to marry with an appropriate, wealthy man approved by her family. On the outside, Brynn looks and acts the part of a proper young woman ready for marriage, but not all is what it seems. Being bored with her life, Brynn is craving some adventure, to escape the life her parents are planning for her. When Brynn and her parents are robbed by a gentleman thief, deep buried feelings are awoken. Strangely, she feels the same for the Marquess of Hawksfield, Archer Croft.

“You look beautiful tonight, Lady Briannon.” Something soft and delicate flowered in her chest at the blatant admiration in his eyes, and if it weren’t for his expert lead despite his injured ankle, she would have stumbled. “Thank you, my lord.”

Archer Croft, the Marquess of Hawksfield, is born into a wealthy family. His father is the Duke of Bradburne, also known as the Dancing Duke, infamous for his way with the ladies. Archer loathes his father’s lifestyle, and the consequences it has. From his mother, Archer has inherited the need to help the less fortunate in society, and he goes to great lengths to reach his goals. Even breaking the law by robbing the rich as some kind of Robin Hood… Brynn stirs all kinds of feelings in Archer, feelings he can’t use with his current ‘occupation’, but feelings he can’t ignore.

“Men do not care for fashion plates.” She quit rubbing Apollo’s coat and faced him. “What, then, do they care for?” “In a woman?” Archer asked, a question that pinkened her cheeks. “I can’t speak for every man, but I know that fashion plates bore me. Most women do.” Watching her carefully, he added, “You are not most women.”

Archer and Brynn are attracted to each other, but they can’t act on it. Archer is busy with his ‘career’, and doesn’t want to settle down with a young lady. Brynn is a dutiful daughter; she hopes for a kind man she can fall in love with, but she knows she has her duty towards her family. And Brynn is well aware those two things don’t go necessarily hand in hand. But the more time Archer and Brynne spend together, they can’t deny the chemistry any longer. After some unexpected twists and turns they finally have a change at their Happily Ever After.

Is My Rogue, My Ruin a very accurate story about the period it’s set in? No, not really, but I don’t mind. The authors have taken some liberties that have resulted in an entertaining, suspenseful story about a ‘Robin Hood’ and a feisty woman doing things a lady shouldn’t be doing. On one hand Brynn is a proper raised young lady, but on the other hand she doesn’t mind to help Archer with his business. Archer seems to be a bit cold and distant, but he’s raised in a dysfunctional family and in society back then emotions weren’t shown.

“I am madly and foolishly and unquestionably in love with you, Lady Briannon, and if you don’t put me out of my misery by giving me an answer, I—” “Yes. Yes.” Brynn pressed a finger to his lips with a tremulous smile, her eyes shining with the force of her emotion. “Will you please kiss me now?”

I’ve enjoyed reading the story of Brynn and Archer, and I’m curious for the future books in the series. I give My Rogue, My Ruin 4 stars.


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