Book review: Stealing It ~ Rachel Robinson

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Book review: Stealing It ~ Rachel RobinsonTitle: Stealing It
Author: Rachel Robinson
Series: Bronze Bay SEALs #3
Release date: November 30, 2018
(Sub)genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 173
Buy: Amazon US ~ Amazon UK
Rating: four-stars
I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

We train for war and fight to win.

Mental toughness is a steadfast requirement to become a SEAL. Like his teammates, Aidan Mixx is ferocious in this quality. No one knows he uses one night stands, dating app hook-ups, and a swaggering, lewd, persona to cover his haunting weakness. Orders to the Bronze Bay, Florida, SEAL base is a change of scenery and pace. Slowing down just enough to realize not only is sleeping around in a small town more difficult when everyone knows each other, but he might be ready to settle down with one woman.

If she’s up for the challenge.

Magnolia Sager lost the only man she has ever loved to his barely-legal secretary. To make matters worse, their teenaged daughter was the one to catch her father in the affair. Mentally battered and bruised, they flee to Bronze Bay for a fresh start. The antique store keeps Magnolia busy, and the very last thing on her mind is love. She is hesitant when her best friend suggests healing old wounds and moving on by using an app to date casually. Meeting a man who makes her weak in the knees is surprising. Wanting to continue dating him is shocking.

Falling for him is insanity. Loving him, impossible.

What would you sacrifice for something you wanted? Something that was dear to you? A little? Just enough? Or everything? Would you burn it all down to the ground and steal that which you covet most?

What would you do when your marriage falls apart after almost 20 years? Crumble down, or pick up the pieces of your broken heart and move on? Stealing It tells the charming (and sometimes angst-y) story of Magnolia and Aiden, who are just perfect for each other. I’ve enjoyed reading it.

“You are the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen. Are you actually human?” Her blush stains high on her cheeks.”

Magnolia thought she had it all; husband, daughter, great house, good job. When she finds out about the affair of her hubby and his much younger secretary, she and Kendall – her teenage daughter – move away to start over in Bronze Bay. Busy with building their new life, Magnolia isn’t really looking for a man, but she can’t say no to Aiden. Aiden is a Navy SEAL who has seen everything, good and awfully bad. Magnolia is very different from the women Aiden normally dates but staying away from her is impossible.

“My breathing speeds and my stomach tightens. I’m in unknown territory, so even though I know this is a normal feeling, I can’t control my hands as they clench and unclench by my side.”

I feel sorry for Magnolia. Finding out about her husband’s cheating the way she did, not good. But she doesn’t crumble down and begs. She takes control, control over her and Kendell’s life and their new future. Magnolia is still a bit unsure about herself, so it’s no surprise she’s a bit hesitant about Aiden. He’s such a man, so different then her ex, she just doesn’t know what to make of him, and her feelings for him. Aiden on the other hand is very sure about Magnolia. He sees a good, loving woman and quickly realizes she’s forever material.

I love Magnolia and Aiden together. Although they come from different places, they are right for each other. Stealing It is mostly a sweet story, but since this is a Rachel Robinson book, you know the couple has to work for their Happily Ever After. And Magnolia and Aiden are no different. Personally, I think the author puts our couple too much through the wringer, but my inner angst-addict doesn’t mind. The ending of Stealing It is sweet, just what Aiden and Magnolia deserve.

“He looks so dashing and handsome. The picture of love and respect. He stands, taking me into his arms. Seeking out his lips, I kiss him deeply.”


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