Book review: Sweet Jayne ~ K. Webster

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Book review: Sweet Jayne ~ K. WebsterTitle: Sweet Jayne
Author: K. Webster
Series: Standalone
Release date: May 31, 2016
(Sub)genres: Dark
Pages: 346
Buy: Amazon US ~ Amazon UK
Rating: four-stars

Nadia Jayne’s world is full of villains.

Kasper thinks he hates her.
Donovan thinks he loves her.
Logan thinks he owns her.

Sweet Jayne is a complicated girl…

She needs Kasper.
She hides from Donovan.
She has a plan for Logan.

But maybe complicated Jayne isn’t so sweet after all…
In fact, she might just be the biggest villain of them all.

WARNING: Story contains dark taboo themes and violence both sexual and physical which could trigger emotional distress in reader.

Sweet Jayne by K. Webster is a bit different from my normal choice of books. I wouldn’t consider this a dark, romantic story in the traditional sense of the word. Yes, there’s love involved, but it’s much more than the love story of two people. It took me some time to get into the book, but I’ve ended up enjoying it very much.

“I have to save her. I swear to God, I’ll find and save her somehow. She’ll have her future. Her happy ending. I’ll make sure of it.”

Nadia Jayne disappeared from her life three years ago, telling her loved ones she wanted to discover herself. Now, she’s back as the fiancé of the town sheriff, Logan. Nadia’s stepfather Donavan isn’t sure why she is involved with his former friend, because he knows Logan isn’t a good man. Kasper, who works as a cop under Logan, is a very angry man. Ten years ago his sister Kasey vanished without a trace, and to this day he blames Nadia for not remembering more about the night Kasey went missing.

“Harmony after annihilation. Those words are my focus. When he does his worst, I focus on those words. My constant reminder. Just like now.”

Ten years ago Nadia had just met Kasey before she was kidnapped, and although she tries very hard, Nadia can’t remember details that can help the police finding Kasey. Unknowingly for Kasper – with the help of her step-father Donavan – Nadia goes to great lengths to find out what happened with Kasey. When she returns to the town as Logan’s ‘bride to be’ after being away for three years, Kasper finally sees his chance to get even with Nadia.

Sweet Jayne is told through the eyes of Nadia and Kasper, and tells a twisted and unexpected tale. Nothing in this story is what it seems, there are hidden motives and untold stories. It’s about the taboo love of two people, it’s about the love from a brother for his sister, it’s about grieve, acceptance and moving on. I’m sorry to be so vague, but it’s best to start this book without too much information…

“I love you. And not once have I ever felt disappointed by you. It was you,” I murmur and stand on my toes to kiss his soft lips, “that kept me going. Your memories. Our love. Tu, mí amor.”

As I’ve already said this is not my normal choice of book, but I’ve enjoyed reading Sweet Jayne. I give this book 4 stars.

~~ Sweet Jayne was provided in exchange for an honest review ~~

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