Book review: The Deception ~ Nikki Sloane

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Book review: The Deception ~ Nikki SloaneTitle: The Deception
Author: Nikki Sloane
Series: Filthy Rich Americans #3
Release date: November 5, 2019
(Sub)genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 334
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Rating: five-stars
I received this book from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

I've been through hell to get to this place. To wear the perfect white dress and stand beside Royce Hale, the liar I tried desperately not to fall in love with and failed.

Or maybe I'm still trapped in hell because the devil is here too. He lurks at my side, plotting terrible ways to make me his.

It's win at all costs in this family, and I know now just how far the Hales will go to get what they want.

But you can't survive in a house full of lies without learning the art of deception, and once I become a Hale, I'll show them exactly what I've mastered.

Truths, carefully planned actions and a wedding. Everything comes together in The Deception, the third and final part of the ‘Filthy Rich Americans Series’. Marist has grown into her role as a player in the Hale game and Royce and Macalister are fighting for dominance over the Hale empire. I love the conclusion to the Trilogy.

Relationship-wise Marist and Royce are on the right path. They have feelings for each other, and slowly they get used to them. But slowly falling in love isn’t an option in the Hale family; there’s so much at stake, and you can’t be sure about who to trust or not. Marist might have been an innocent woman till a few months back, but her new life has shaped her quickly into a confident, sensual woman who knows what she wants. Sort of, because the Hale men can be oh so confusing with their poker faces and untold stories.

The Deception is the final part of the Trilogy, and like the other books its decedent, luscious and a bit filthy. While my inner dirty girl loves the ‘what could have happened’, my more sensible self is shaking her head. Some things go too far, but somehow, they are fitting to the story. I love how Marist keeps true to herself, even though at times she doesn’t know what to do. She and Royce are a formidable couple, I love them together (and how they played the game). And Macalister, I can’t help myself feeling sorry for him. Somehow, he deserved more.

I love the conclusion to Marist and Royce’s story; I give The Deception 5 stars.


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