Book review + excerpt: The Lemon Sisters ~ Jill Shalvis

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Book review + excerpt: The Lemon Sisters ~ Jill ShalvisTitle: The Lemon Sisters
Author: Jill Shalvis
Series: Wildstone #3
Release date: June 18, 2019
(Sub)genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 400
Buy: Amazon US ~ Amazon UK
Rating: five-stars
I received this book from Social Butterfly PR in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

When Brooke’s older sister, Mindy, shows up at her door with her three kids in tow, she barely recognizes her sibling who looks like she’s on the verge of a total breakdown. While adventurous, wanderlust Brooke was always the problem child, eager to slip free of Wildstone and its small-town constraints, Mindy was the golden child, who never had a hair out of place or a GPA below 4.0. The Mindy that arrives at Brooke’s apartment however, is a far cry from the ever-perfect doctor’s wife.

Brooke’s further stunned when Mindy asks to trade places with her for a few days so she can pick up her pieces and put herself back together. What Mindy doesn’t realize is that Brooke is just as broken. Her sister needs her though, so Brooke takes the kids and returns to Wildstone.

But how does one go home after seven years away and what feels like a lifetime of secrets? It doesn’t take long for Brooke to come face-to-face with her past, in the form of one tall, dark, sexy mistake. But Garrett’s no longer interested, or so he says. Only his words don’t match his actions, leaving Brooke feeling things she long ago shoved deep.

The sisters begin to wonder if the childhood taunts were true, are they lemons in life? In love? True or not, they know one thing—you can’t run far enough to outpace your demons. And when long-dead secrets surface, they’ll have to overcome their differences and learn that sometimes the one person who can help you the most is the one you never thought to ask.

Love, happiness, lost dreams and changed futures. A lot happens throughout your life, and your siblings see most of it. The Lemon Sisters tells the story of total opposites Brooke and Mindy. At times it was very serious story, but it also made me giggle and swoon.

Brooke and Mindy are sisters, but they can’t be more different. Brooke is doesn’t do commitment and stays clear from close relationships, Mindy is married to love-of-her-life and mom of three kids. When disaster strikes in Mindy’s life (or so she thinks), she turns to Brooke for help, and suddenly Brooke finds herself in the one place she avoids at all costs; Wildstone. Add Brooke’s old love Garrett and Mindy’s hubby Linc to the mix, and you get a whole interesting story…

Brooke seems like the cool chick who has it all figured out, but not all is what it seems. She had her reasons to run away from Garrett and Wildstone, and I so wish she told everybody everything so much sooner. Nobody can go through something like that alone. You need your loved ones around you. Mindy is a bit different story, and she reminds me of myself. Busy mom, doing her very best and sometimes forgetting herself a bit. And an over vivid imagination isn’t helping as well…

The Lemon Sisters is about Brooke and Mindy, but also about Linc and Garrett. Mindy, Linc and Garrett have their POV, but most of the story is told through the eyes of Brooke. The story of Garrett and Brooke is serious with some sad moments, the storyline of Mindy and her Linc is much more fun. Yes, it’s also touching, but its much lighter. And their kids do their best to make it fun. I love the book, and the two totally different storylines; one heavy with sorrow and regrets, the other one very familiar to a lot of moms out there.




“Okay,” she said. “Time for me to go to bed.”

“Or you’re running,” he said. “Again.”

She closed her eyes and told herself to ignore the soft taunt. No matter what they’d been – or hadn’t been – to each other, she wasn’t looking for love with anyone, and certainly not a wash and repeat with the one man who could destroy her. It wasn’t as if she’d been a monk. She’d dated, but she hadn’t let anyone in. Not ever. Even Cole had complained about the brick walls she’d encased her emotions in.

And he was right. She could get involved to a point, but she always pulled back.

“You don’t have to run from me, you know,” Garrett said. “There’s no reason for there to be anything but honesty between us.”

Yes, there was… “Maybe I’m just not feeling it.”

Another soft laugh. “Okay.”

“Hey,” she said and poked a finger in his pec. His hard, ungiving, sexy pec. “If I was feeling it, you’d know.”

“Yeah? How?” he challenged.

“I’d be …flirty. I certainly wouldn’t be thinking of all of your faults.”

He grinned. How like a man to not be worried about his faults.

“So what are these so-called faults?” he asked, curious. Still not concerned.

“Well, for starters, you’re wearing black knit boxers with bananas on them.”

This made him laugh outright. “Someone sent me a subscription box. They come once a month. Last month’s pair had cocks all over them.”

“Like … chickens, or…?”

He was still smiling. “If you’re curious, I’ll be happy to wear them tomorrow and give you a peek.”

“Whatever,” she said. “And the fact that some woman sent you a subscription to undies is another reason I’m not feeling it. You’ve stayed friends with every single person you’ve ever met.”

“And that’s a fault?”

She shrugged. Of course it wasn’t a fault. It was the opposite of a fault. “Well, except for me, of course.”

“Because you don’t answer phone calls, texts, emails…” He tilted his head. “Tell me something.”

Oh boy. “What?”

“Why did you and your last boyfriend break up? That Cole guy.”

“I told you, he’s my boss.”

“But you’re sleeping together,” he said, his eyes holding hers prisoner. “Or you were.”

“How do you know that?”

He smiled grimly. “You just told me.”

Dammit. She crossed her arms over her chest. “We’re not together if that’s what you’re asking.”


“Why what?” she asked.

“Why aren’t you together?” he pressed.

“Because I don’t like him like that.”

Did his eyes warm very slightly, or was that her imagination? “Because you’re just not feeling it?” he asked mockily, using her words.

She rolled her eyes. “You think you’re funny. How about we talk about you. Tell me about the girlfriend you said you don’t have. The one who called you the other day for a hookup.”

“It wasn’t a hookup. She dumped me.”

She snorted. “Right. You expected me to believe a guy who looks like you do, and is funny and smart like you are, got dumped?”

“Actually, I expect you to believe whatever I tell you.” He shifted close until they were knee to knee. “Because I’ve never lied to you, Brooke. Never will.”

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