Book review: Torrid ~ Nikki Sloane

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Book review: Torrid ~ Nikki SloaneTitle: Torrid
Author: Nikki Sloane
Series: Sordid #2
Release date: June 15, 2017
(Sub)genres: Dark, Erotica
Buy: Amazon US ~ Amazon UK
Rating: four-half-stars
I received this book from L. Woods PR in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Vasilije Markovic is the prince of the Serbian mafia and one of the most powerful men in Chicago. His smile may be razor sharp, but he’s crueler than the devil.

I’m playing a dangerous game and betting my life I’m going to win. I pretend to be his pawn. I do as he says and move where he tells me, letting him think he’s in control as I position myself for revenge.

Every turn brings us closer. His grin doesn’t seem as evil when we’re alone. Behind closed doors, I welcome his unrelenting and vicious personality. He’s confessed all his secrets, but I’m holding one back and it’s a game changer.

If I survive the board, this pawn turns into a queen. I become the most powerful player and send all the other pieces running. To get what I want, I must make sacrifices, but am I willing to draw the line at him?

Last year Nikki Sloane surprised me with Sordid. Her books are erotic, but Sordid had another, much more dark element, I loved it. Torrid gives us the story of Vasilije, one of the side characters of Sordid. He’s a twisted guy with a warped way of thinking, but I like him.

“He’s my…” My partner? My muse? My… other half? I couldn’t explain it, and went with something simple. “He’s mine.”

Vasilije is a true product of his upbringing. Being raised the way he is, his sense of morality are a bit different then normal people. Unlike his brother Luka, Vasilije is fully involved in the mob life and is on track to take over the throne one day. Oksana has learned the hard way to look over her shoulder and not to trust people. But now she has placed herself in a bad situation and can’t do a thing to get out. All she can do is hope to survive and don’t get hurt too much.

“What I want to do to you isn’t about sex.” I stepped close so we were chest to chest, and I watched alarm flare in her eyes. My tone was absolute. “It’s about power.”

The moment Vasilije notices Oksana, he makes the split decision to take her with him. He’s not looking for a temporary toy, but for some reason he wants the blond girl. Although she’s terrified, Oksana sees an attractive man and reluctantly she goes with him. Vasilije and Oksana have chemistry, but it’s no love or anything like that, it’s pure lust and possessiveness. However, that changes into love with a twisted edge.

Given Sordid and it’s taboo-ish content, I expected Torrid to be just like it. Yes, there are some dubious scenes, but it’s far more consensual (but still dark and erotic). I love the double POV of the story, to see what’s going on inside the couple’s heads. Vasilije is a young man with different morals, but do not underestimate Oksana. She’s not who she appears to be, and I love her braveness and attitude. Vasilije is the dark prince, but she’s who made the story for me.

“Maybe I love you.” My breath caught. “If you had a heart.” “I do. It’s fucking pumping Russian blood through me right now.” I leaned over the table, set a hand on his cheek, and whispered it just before I kissed him. “And now we’re really the same.”

I love Oksana, Vasilije and their twisted romance. I give Torrid 4.5 stars.



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