Book review: While I Was Away ~ Stylo Fantome

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Book review: While I Was Away ~ Stylo FantomeTitle: While I Was Away
Author: Stylo Fantôme
Series: Standalone
Release date: March 21, 2019
(Sub)genres: Contemporary Romance
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Rating: four-stars
I received this book from Give Me Books PR in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

You were in a car accident.

They say true love can last forever.

You hit your head, which caused your brain to swell.

Can span any distance, stretch across time, last beyond death.

The pressure against your skull damaged your brain.

Which leads one to wonder …

The damage left you unresponsive to most kinds of stimuli.

If you fall in love in your dreams,

And this unresponsive state is what’s known as a coma.

Can you find that love when you wake up?

Falling in love, finding the person you’ve always been (unknowingly) looking for is exciting, emotional and unpredictable. But what if you fall in love … in your dreams. Is it real, or just a dream? While I Was Away tells the story of Adele, who falls deeply, irrevocably in love while she’s in deep coma. But what happens when she wakes up?

“Please let me dream tonight. Let me dream of us and let it be good and let it be the last time ever.”

Adele is rethinking her life. It makes her a bit sad, but she also excited what the future will bring. However, that new future is cut short when Adele’s is in a car accident, leaving her in a deep coma. While the people around her go on with their lives the best they can under the circumstances, so is Adele. She knows things are off and the weirdest things happen, but she’s happy. Slowly she falls in love with Jones, a man she meets in her dream. When she wakes up, all she can think about is him.

“That’s not for us to decide,” he whispered. “Just know that while you were here, you were never alone.” “I always feel alone,” she whispered back.”

Adele is your typical 20 something girl; enjoying her life and making choices for herself. But what happens to her after her accident, is anything but normal. It’s strange yet completely normal in her new reality. When she wakes up, she desperately seeks for what she has lost with coming back to the real world. I feel sorry for Adele, and what she has to go through. Her dreams were so vivid, so real, she can’t understand it didn’t actually happen. I love that she doesn’t give up and keeps fighting for her love.

While I Was Away is not your typical Stylo Fantôme story. It’s far more delicate and sweeter then books like the Kane Series or Church. It’s a unique story, not like any other I have read. However, it gives me a bit of the same feelings as I had with Muscle Memory, also by this author. The characters are lovable, and you just feel their emotions. I love the development of the story, and how dreams turn into reality. However, the ending felt a bit abrupt to me, I wanted to read more about Adele and her Jones as a real couple.

“I love you, too.” “I don’t know what I’d do without you.” “You’d find me,” she assured him. “Even in your dreams.”





Adele was babbling, she knew, but she couldn’t stop herself. So she was thankful when Jones cut her off and yanked her close. He sat up at the same time, and before she even realized what was happening, he was kissing her.


The last time – the only time – they’d kissed, he’d disappeared forever. This time, she was determined to make the most of it. They both shifted onto their knees, arms going around each other, and when she gasped at the intensity of his hold, his tongue slipped into her mouth. She moaned and curled her fingers in his hair, praying the moment would last forever.

Ah, but this place is the anti-prayer. So shall you think it, so shall it not be.

Jones’ hands had moved to cup either side of her face. He pulled away, then leaned back in for another slow kiss. Tried to say something, then kissed her again. Once more, and she could just feel it – it was the last one.

“I wish we could stay here forever,” he whispered, pressing his forehead to hers.

“Me, too,” she whispered back. He grabbed hold of her wrists and gently removed her arms from around his neck.

“But it can’t be. You either go forward, or you go back. You can only stand still for so long, Adele.”

She didn’t even know what he was talking about, and she knew he was right. The storm above them was getting worse. Something was coming. Eternity waited for no one, not even her, it seemed.

She squeezed her eyes shut tight.

“I tried, Jones. I tried to stand still with you. I tried to get caught in the now with you.”

“I know you did. And now I want you to try something else,” his voice was so low, she could barely hear it over all the thunder.


“I want you to concentrate. And then, I want you to open your eyes.”

She bit into her bottom lip and turned her head, brushing her nose against the side of his cheek so she could remember the feel of him. Inhaled deeply so she could remember the smell of him. Then she took an even deeper breath and did as she was told.

She concentrated on the ground below her. Listened to the storm raging above her. Felt Jones’ body heat in front of her.

And she also remembered. Could hear her brother Ocean laugh in her ear, the sound made such rare appearances. Could picture her brother River standing in front of her, looking so serious and concerned. Could feel her brother August around her, giving her one of his big hugs.

The wind around them didn’t lessen in intensity, but it did slow down. Or time slowed, she couldn’t be sure. There was a terrific booming noise, followed by the sound of something ripping. At first, she thought it was the sky – the storm must have really been opening up. Then she felt a tremor in the ground under her, and she knew what it was.

The giant tree was finally tipping over. It groaned as gravity took hold of its weight and pulled it over the edge of the cliff. She could actually sense the roots being ripped from the earth as the tree made a swan dive.

And as the roots came free, they tore apart the face of the cliff. She could feel the ground crumbling away from her, could tell she was falling. Jones held onto her for as long as he could, but just as his arms were about to reach their limit, gravity took over once again and yanked her away completely.

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