Book review: Worth The Wait ~ Claudia Connor

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Book review: Worth The Wait ~ Claudia ConnorTitle: Worth the Wait
Author: Claudia Connor
Series: McKinney/Walker #1
Release date: January 10, 2017
(Sub)genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 235
Buy: Amazon US
Rating: four-stars
I received this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

He broke her heart. When he finds out just how badly, it will break his too.

Nick Walker found the love of his life when he was just nineteen.

Found her.
Loved her.
Lost her.

It's been ten years since Nick watched the only woman he ever loved walk out of his life. Now this FBI Special Agent will do anything to win her back.

But it won’t be easy…

Mia’s heart was shattered by Nick. They'll have to face their painful past if they want a future, including Mia's own secret about that day it all fell apart.

Do you believe in second chances?

Worth the Wait is the newest book by Claudia Conner. While the book is the first in a new series, it’s closely connected to ‘the McKinney Brothers series’, especially with the second book Worth the Risk. Worth the Wait tells the heartbreaking, second-chance story of Nick and Mia; two people who have loved each other for a long time but fell apart over tragedy.

“I’m sorry for before, too, Mia. More than you’ll ever know.”

Nick is a hard-working police man who’s close with his siblings. After the death of their parents Nick – then a freshman in college – took over the role as ‘father’ and kept the family together. His younger sister Hannah takes a special place in his heart, Nick practically raised her from toddler to adult with the help of the other two brothers. Nick had the love of Mia for a long time, but when Hannah is brutally attacked (her story is told in Worth the Risk), the couple falls apart. When Nick sees Mia after ten years, he can see the pain she’s carrying, and starts to think about ‘what if’..

“Those dark, sultry eyes had taken his breath away the first time he’d seen her. The same way they did now. For a second his gut twisted over what had been. What was gone.”

Mia is beaten down by life. When she meets Nick in college, and through the years builds a relationship with him (and the siblings he lives with) she thinks she has it all. The love of a good man and a close relation with his siblings. But when Hannah disappears and survives a horrendous ordeal, slowly things start to change between Mia and Nick. Nick can’t deal with what happened and instead of talking, he shuts Mia out. Out to the point she can’t do anything but walk away, leaving their life behind. Even now, after ten years without Nick it still hurts to think about him. Meeting him again brings back all the feelings, all the what ifs.

“Didn’t he know how much it hurt to see him? To touch him? Didn’t he know how much she had suffered at being without him? She didn’t see any sign of suffering in his eyes, but then again, she couldn’t read him the way she could once.”

Mia and Nick meet each other in college and know they have a special connection, worth to work for. They spend long years apart while building a career and studying, doing the long-distance thing. But it’s worth it; when studies and all are done, they can start their life together. But when Nick and Mia are finally living in the same place, disaster strikes. The love between the couple crumbles away and both go their own way. When Mia and Nick meet again after ten years it doesn’t take long before both have to acknowledge there is still something to fight for. They have a second chance at love, but they must first come to terms with their past and what happened in the ten years they were apart.

Worth the Wait tells the story of Mia and Nick and spans decades. Roughly the book is divided into three parts told non-chronological; when they meet in college, the fallout and when they meet again. I love young Nick and Mia, how they fall in love and how they are with the younger Walker kids. I’ve read Hannah’s story, and to read about Nick’s reaction is painful. I understand he’s hurt and he wants to help his sister heal, but he refuses to see he’s hurting his woman in the process. My heart broke for Mia and what she went through; she had to walk the love of her life and afterwards her heart broke again badly. Both Nick and Mia deserve a second-change, and I was happy they got it.

“I lost myself, and I’m sorry. I heard you, but I didn’t answer. I locked you out, and I’ll spend the rest of my life making it up to you.”

I love Nick, Mia and their second-chance at love, I give Worth the Wait 4 stars.


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