Book review: Ten Thousand Words ~ Kelli Jean

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Book review: Ten Thousand Words ~ Kelli JeanTitle: Ten Thousand Words
Author: Kelli Jean
Series: Standalone
Release date: February 15, 2016
(Sub)genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 435
Buy: Amazon US ~ Amazon UK
Rating: four-half-stars

There’s danger that neither of them can escape.

Reclusive author, Xanthe Malcolm, likes her private and quiet life. However, when her wildly-popular series Paranormal Hunters gets picked up by a big-time publishing agency, she’s thrust into the limelight alongside sexy, photographer-turned-cover model, Oliver Fairfax. Upon meeting, the chemistry between the quirky writer and arrogant model quickly intensifies, creating a steamy page-turner of events made for romance novels.

Then comes the plot twist.

Xanthe has secrets that have kept her bound to silence.

And the truth has Oliver questioning every unspoken word.

Ten Thousand Words is my first book by Kelli Jean. The blurb intrigued me and I just had to read the whole book, to read about Xanthe, Oliver, and the plot twist. The book took me by surprise.  I adore the author’s writing style, the realness of the book, and I will definitely pick up other books written by Kelli Jean.

“Two events had significantly altered the course of my life, and neither of them were anything I desired to discuss with anyone. The first one had cemented within me what I was bound to be—a writer. The second one had set me on the course to the next chapter of my life, and I was forbidden to even acknowledge it.”

Xanthe Malcolm is an author. She has written some paranormal novels under the pen name Elaine H. Ford, which, much to her surprise, gained a big following. Her parents being archeologists, Xanthe has felt drawn to death from an early age. Two dramatic events in her teenage years changed this drawn into something much darker—a fascination to the point of her seeing therapists. Nowadays, Xanthe spends her days writing, helping out her great-aunt at the bookstore, and hanging out with her friends. When she finds the perfect model for the reissue of her books, she didn’t count on the feelings she might feel for the real man behind the picture, Oliver.

“I’d found the perfect Donovan—rustic, swarthy, and heavily bearded. Man, that was an awesome beard! I’d found a man who completely physically defined all I had described of my fictional hero. Beautiful in the manliest way possible, he’d made my panties catch fire.”

Oliver Fairfax is a photographer and the co-owner of an upcoming photo studio/model agency. He doesn’t date, but he has a number of women he can call when the need strikes. Lately, he has started to question himself about the somewhat emptiness of those casual relations, and wonders if there isn’t more. When a publishing company asks him to do a photoshoot for a book cover, it surprises him to he learn they want him as the model, not to take the pictures. Meeting Xanthe changes everything Oliver believed in concerning dating and relationships. From the first moment, he knows she’s special.

“Her smile went even brighter, transforming her whole face. Suddenly, she was stunning. That smile…wow. It just lit up the world with small, straight white teeth and full lips that were a natural berry color. Looking closer, I could see she wore no makeup, which was impressive. Her skin was flawless. She’d be a breathtaking subject.”

When Xanthe and Oliver bump into each other for the first time, it results in a messy situation leaving an angry Xanthe. Luckily, when they meet again, it all goes much smoother, both traveling to New York for business creates a bond of sorts. While they are getting to know one another, feelings start to develop, and it turns out Xanthe and Oliver have great chemistry. When truths are revealed and a hurt Xanthe is left behind, a confused Oliver knows it will take a lot to convince her of his good intentions.

I love this story, the developing relationship between Xanthe and Oliver. It felt real, with real emotions, concerns, and insecurities. The couple has a great group of family and friends, who are all supportive and protective. Ten Thousand Words is the first book in a new series. While this book is a contemporary, sweet romance, the future books will be much darker. Hints are being given throughout the book and I’m curious to see what has happened to a couple of characters, and what they are working on nowadays.

“Xanthe smiled down on me, illuminating everything I loved about my life. Taking my hands, she laced our fingers and held them to her heart. “I love you, Oliver.” My eyes burned, and I found it hard to swallow past the emotion clogging my throat. “I love you, too, Xanthe.”

I love Ten Thousand Words, I highly recommend it. I give this story 4.5 stars.


~~ Ten Thousand Words was provided in exchange for an honest review ~~

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