My top reads of 2016

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My top reads of 2016

2016 is almost over.. I can’t believe it! Throughout this year, I’ve read and reviewed so many books; everything from very sweet to very raw and gritty. Some books where only so-so (I feel bad when that happens), some I liked, and others I adored.

Picking a top-10 for 2016 is hard, so I’ve made two lists. The first list are books I’ve enjoyed reading and reviewing this year. The second list are books I’ve just read, not reviewed.

For some reasons the characters of these ten books stayed with me for a long time, and I might have re-read these books a few times already. But which book have I loved most? I just can’t tell..

What are your favorite books of 2016?

Favorite read & reviewed books in 2016


Ten Thousand Truths ~ Kelli Jean

Ten Thousand Truths is the third book in ‘the Ten Thousand series’ by Kelli Jean. Like the previous books in the series it has a dark side, exactly what the author warned for in the first book. In the previous books we’ve met Opie and Deo, and Ten Thousand Truths tells their beautiful and heartbreaking story.

“Opie?” “Yes, Deo?” “Are you seeing someone?” She shook her head and smiled again, and something inside me relaxed. “No. Are you?” “No.” “See you then,” she said.”


Something So Right ~ Natasha Madison

One of the things I like about reviewing books is discovering new authors. Some debut authors are good, some need some practice, but I like reading their stories. Natasha Madison is such an author. Something So Right is her very first book, and she surprised me in a very good way. I love this book and I might have reread it a few times already.

“Instead of giving me lip, like he normally did, he would smirk at me or wink at me. At times it made my stomach flutter. But then at times I wanted to take his hockey stick and jab his eyes out.”


Slave to the Rhythm ~ Jane Harvey-Berrick

Slave to the Rhythm by Jane Harvey-Berrick is the first book in her new ‘Rhythm series’. Having read and love her other books, the synopsis from this book intrigued me, I was wondering what this story would bring. The tale of Ash and Laney is beautiful and brutal, I highly recommend it.

“Dancing was everything to me and I’d lost count of the times I’d danced through the pain. That’s what I had to do right now—dance through the pain. Survive.”


One ~ E.S. Carter

One is the fifth book in the ‘Love by Number series’ by E.S. Carter. Throughout the previous books in the series we’ve met Isaac, one the handsome Fox brothers. It’s no secret Isaac is bisexual; he’s attracted to both men and women, a fact he’s absolutely not ashamed of. One finally tells us his story.

Heat. Lips. Tongue. Ache. Throb. I am lost because he found me.”


Luka ~ Jane Harvey-Berrick

A couple of months ago I’ve read Slave To The Rhythm, the first book in ‘the Rhythm series’ by Jane Harvey-Berrick. Although the book told about the brutal reality of human trafficking, I loved the story and the romance between Ash and Laney, the main characters. One of the secondary characters being introduced is Luka, Ash’s best friend; a handsome, charming dancer who takes no shame in his sexual preferences. Luka tells us his story.

‘I’m not a good man. I’m not a bad man. But I made some bad mistakes, made the wrong choices. Who hasn’t? But the consequences are tearing us apart.’


Lost in Rewind ~ Tali Alexander

Last year I’ve read Love in Rewind, the first book by Tali Alexander. I loved the book, so of course I read the next book in the series. The second book told the story of Sara and Liam, but it also told about the complicated relation Sara had with her former lover Jeffery. Lost in Rewind gives us his story and explains the complicated affair.

“My wife left me the key inside her letter and commanded me to be the man she married and go after and fight for what is rightfully mine. I was supposed to bring my family back together and set my life to music. But I lost them both and now all I hear is silence.”

fractures-ebook-cover1Fractures ~ M.R. Field

Last year a friend of mine recommended a new author to me; M.R. Field. I read her books Fragments and Splinters within a few days, and I loved both of them. I was happy to hear the author was working on a new book; Fractures. This book tells the story of Trinity and Theo – who we’ve met in the previous books – and their road to happiness.

“Back room,” he seethes. “No talking. I want you on your desk. Take off your skirt.” “Um, hello to you,” I say sarcastically, as I put my hand on my hip. “What has gotten into you?”


Filthy Rich ~ Raine Miller

It has been a while since I have read my last book by Raine Miller, and after having read Filthy Rich I’m not sure why I haven’t picked up one of her books sooner. Filthy Rich is the first book in ‘the Blackstone Dynasty series’, and it has lived up to my expectations; great characters, solid storyline and a promise for future books.

“I didn’t yet know what was missing from my life. Until her. And then, when I realized exactly who she was, and how fate had gotten the last laugh on me, it was already far too late. She’d bewitched me utterly.”


Not About Love ~ Hilaria Alexander

Last year I discovered a for me new author, Hilaria Alexander. After having read her book FU Cancer, I immediately read her other books. I loved them, especially This Love, which was set in Amsterdam, not far from where I live. Not About Love tells the story of Ally and Boyd, who are introduced as side-characters in This Love. This is their story.

“We didn’t really know each other. Our relationship was not about love. It was about chemistry and attraction.”


A Thousand Boy Kisses ~ Tillie Cole

It has been three days. Three days since I’ve read A Thousand Boy Kisses by Tillie Cole. And still, every sad song I hear on the radio brings me back to Rune and Poppy, almost making me cry again. I’ve read Tillie’s other books, and know she can write beautiful stories with the use of normal words, but A Thousand Boy Kisses feels different; no brutal events, no underworld, no spiteful parents. Just two teenagers with a such a powerful love for each other, a love that transcends all.

“Rune lifted his hand to hold mine. He lowered our joined hands by his side. “I’ll give you a thousand kisses, Poppymin. All of them. No one will kiss you ever, but me.” My eyes widened but my heart didn’t slow down.”


Favorite read books in 2016



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